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2019国际精品推荐:母仪天下图(何家英款) 嘉合天下(北京)国际拍卖有限公司【藏.荐】栏 为藏品强大的传播效应向各位买家推荐书法珍品,为藏家牵线搭桥,让艺术珍品价值被发掘与重视,在拍卖会上得以高价成交。 【名...


嘉合天下(北京)国际拍卖有限公司【藏.荐】栏 为藏品强大的传播效应向各位买家推荐书法珍品,为藏家牵线搭桥,让艺术珍品价值被发掘与重视,在拍卖会上得以高价成交。


【规格】140 *48.5cm

【类别】 书画

2019 international boutique recommendation: Master world map (he jia ying style)

Jia he world (Beijing) international auction co., LTD. [zang. jian] column for the collection of strong dissemination effect to recommend to all buyers by the experts selected by the first level of identification of treasures, for collectors matchmaking, let the value of art treasures was discovered and attention, in the auction to clink a deal at a high price.

[name] Master world map (he jia ying style)

[specification] 140*48.5cm

[Category] The calligraphy and painting


此幅作品是中国美术家协会副主席,“有突出贡献的中青年专家”, 第九、第十、第十一届全国政协委员、中国艺术研究院工笔画艺术研究院名誉院长、中国工笔画学会名誉会长、中国艺术研究院教授、博士生导师。天津画院名誉院长、天津美术馆名誉馆长。“德艺双馨文艺工作者”、何家英老师的不可多得的代表作之一,此图造型准确、精细,以写实和明暗效果使图中人物具有比较强烈的凹凸立体感。飘逸盘旋的丝巾形象的岩石掩映,简单洁净的服饰,恰到好处的书卷、罗扇,象征身份地位凤钗,雍容华贵的妆容,妩媚而不做作的肢体神态。把一幅母仪天下场景刻画的极其传神,呼之欲出。此画不仅是将山石植物人物当作自然存在之物,而是被赋予了某种喻意。图中所绘凤钗、书卷、罗扇、人物、花草、山石、在中国文化中多寓意权力、榜样、知识、长寿和吉祥。在色彩上,人艳、衣蓝、土坡绛色和花草,也是不同于传统风格的鲜明、绚丽和浓重。在这幅画中何家英老师大胆探索中西画中的新路,熔中西画法为一炉,创造了一种前所未有的新画法、新格体,何家英老师的作品以其雅俗共赏、韵味绵长获得了“双赢”,此画 “运用几何学、物理学、光学等,为的是在平面的画幅上更真实地表现出自然的立体状貌。”的欧洲技法。用坚实的写实功力,流畅地道的墨线,一丝不苟的层层晕染,外加无法效仿的颜色运用,中西合璧,以其独创的新画体赢得了世人的赞誉。把中国传统绘画之笔墨趣味,艺术感染力。真诚细腻的激情和梦幻般的理想色彩。表现的淋漓尽致。这是一幅何家英老师上世纪九十年代末期在画作中处于成熟时期的上品佳作、具有极高的收藏和艺术价值。
    This painting is the vice chairman of Chinese artists association, "a young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contributions", member of the 9th and 10th CPPCC national committee, honorary President of the Chinese academy of fine arts, honorary President of the Chinese academy of fine arts, professor and doctoral supervisor of the Chinese academy of arts. Honorary President of tianjin art academy, honorary curator of tianjin art museum. One of the rare representative works of teacher he jiaying, "artists of virtue and art", this picture is accurate and fine in modeling, and the figures in the picture have a strong sense of concave-convex and three-dimensional with realism and shading effect. The rock of silk scarf image of elegant hover is set off, simple and clean dress, proper scroll, luo fan, symbolize status feng chai, elegant makeup look, charm and not artificial body expression. To a master world scene is very vivid, vividly portrayed. This painting not only treats the figures of rock plants as natural beings, but is endowed with some kind of metaphor. Feng chai, scrolls, luo fan, figures, flowers and plants, mountains and stones are depicted in the picture, which in Chinese culture means power, example, knowledge, longevity and auspice. On colour, the person is colourful, dress is blue, soil slope is crimson and flowers and plants, also be different from traditional style bright, flowery and dense. He Jiaying teacher bold exploration in the painting in the painting of the new road, the fusion of Chinese and western painting as a furnace, created an unprecedented new drawing, a new body, He Jiaying teacher works with its fit, flavor long won the "win-win", which is "use of geometry, physics, optics and so on, in order to on the plane of the format appear to be more realistic three-dimensional shapes of nature." European technique. With solid realistic skills, smooth and authentic ink lines, meticulous layers of smudging, plus the use of color can not be imitated, the combination of Chinese and western, with its original new painting won the world's praise. The Chinese traditional painting of the pen and ink interesting, artistic appeal. Sincere and exquisite passion and dreamlike ideal color. The performance is incisive. This is a painting of he jiaying in the late 1990s in the mature period of the best works, with high collection and artistic value.






何家英,1957年出生于天津1977年考入天津美术学院绘画系学习中国画,1980年毕业后留校任教。曾任第九、第十、第十一届全国政协委员;现任中国美协副主席、中国艺术研究院博士生导师、当代工笔画协会副会长、天津美术学院何家英工笔画研究所所长、天津画院名誉院长、天津美术馆名誉馆长。 曾获国家“有突出贡献的中青年专家”、中国文联“德艺双馨文艺工作者”、中宣部“四个一批”文艺人才、2012年在巴黎卢浮宫“2012沙龙展”中获绘画类金奖。  等荣誉。擅长当代工笔人物画创作。多次应邀参加国内外大型的展览活动、足迹遍布亚洲,日韩,美洲,美国、智利。欧洲法国、英国等地。并获奖无数。毫不夸张的说得到了全球人民的喜爱和赞誉。

He jiaying was born in tianjin in 1957. In 1977, he was admitted to the department of painting of tianjin academy of fine arts to study Chinese painting. He was a member of the ninth, tenth and eleventh national committee of the Chinese people's political consultative conference. Currently, he is vice chairman of China artists association, doctoral supervisor of Chinese academy of arts, vice President of contemporary fine brushwork association, director of he jiaying fine brushwork institute of tianjin academy of fine arts, honorary President of tianjin art academy, honorary curator of tianjin art museum. He was awarded the national "young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions", the "moral and artistic double xin artists" of China federation of arts and culture, the "four groups" of literary talents of the publicity department of the CPC central committee, and the gold medal of painting category in the "2012 salon exhibition" of the Louvre in Paris in 2012. Such as honor. Good at contemporary meticulous figure painting creation. He has been invited to participate in large-scale exhibitions at home and abroad for many times and has traveled to Asia, Japan and South Korea, the americas, the United States and Chile. Europe, France, England, etc. And won numerous awards. It is no exaggeration to say that people around the world love and praise.


Teacher he jiaying's artistic creation has become a very interesting phenomenon in the contemporary Chinese painting circle, called "he jiaying phenomenon". What is this phenomenon? He jiaying is not old, at most "middle-aged", far from the time of the conventional conclusion of achievement, but there have been a lot of comments; Not only conclusive, but also "well received"; Not only "rave reviews", but also extremely high ratings; Not only to highly rated, and many heavyweight critics!


Ruan rongchun teacher said, he jiaying figure painting in history to see no shame. He jiaying's art is very difficult to surpass.


Guo xiaochuan said that he jiaying's meticulous figure painting is a mountain in the history of Chinese meticulous painting. Teacher niu kecheng thinks that he jiaying is a milestone in the history of Chinese contemporary meticulous brushwork.


Zhang xiaoling teacher evaluation, he jiaying's figure painting every detail is not wrong, this is the contemporary painter is difficult to surpass. The art of the new era one wave after another, but he has nothing to do with any wave, go his own way. His works are in continuous development and are representative works at every stage. This is almost unique in the history of contemporary art.


Chen chuanxi teacher said, he jiaying's painting to shock people, good! Just a "yes"! He is the most representative painter of contemporary meticulous figure painting. He ushered in a new era.


Teacher liu xiaochun not only said that he jiaying is the most outstanding meticulous figure painter in the new period and even since the founding of the republic, but also added a special sentence: "not one of them"



The economic value


The economic value of teacher he jiaying's works is self-evident. Calligraphy and painting as a symbol of culture and heritage, as early as the western jin dynasty, lu ji's "ping fu tie" is recognized as a celebrity handed down calligraphy and painting works. The tang and song dynasties reached a climax. Both ancient and modern Chinese and foreign dignitaries and ordinary people are all to get a famous calligraphy and painting and tireless, large tombs, as the burial of dozens or even hundreds of calligraphy and painting, it can be seen in the past tomb owners, powerful, rich leaders of the passion for calligraphy and painting. By the Ming and qing dynasties, this phenomenon was even more obvious. To modern times, the wind of calligraphy and painting more prosperous, big entrepreneurs, film and television stars, famous athletes have joined the collection of calligraphy and painting. Prices for famous painters and calligraphers have remained high.



He jiaying has made his own contribution to the transformation of Chinese meticulous figure painting in the contemporary era. He creatively borrowed the traditional Chinese fine brushwork and the rigorous and solid modeling techniques in western paintings, combined with the aesthetic views of contemporary people, creating a large number of works full of the atmosphere of The Times. Read his paintings, will find a sincere and delicate passion and dreamlike ideal color.



He jiaying has a unique creative idea. In his eyes, inheriting tradition and innovation is actually "one thing and two steps", neither of which can be lost, and if one is lost, the other will be lost. Those who really have tradition always want to open the way for innovation, and they really hope that innovators will not use traditional sacrifice knives. His thinking is not only a reflection on the current fashion trend in the field of Chinese painting, but also a requirement for his own creation. He tried to find the same law and the meeting point between the eastern and western traditions.



He jiaying not only has a unique understanding of the tradition, but also has his own views on the way Chinese paintings absorb the nutrition of western paintings. He objected to the practice of absorbing only concepts and making only superficial remarks, and drawing on concrete methods to solve problems. His exploration found a kind of art and the market best combination point, thus enlightening people. Strive to open up, continuous innovation, inclusive of a hundred, self-provided a lattice.


何家英老师从70年代末期至今40余年的创作生涯中汇集了如:山地》《惊蛰》《酸葡萄》《米脂的婆姨《幽谷》《心语》等驰名中外的作品。但是其传世作品并不算多,据目前行情来看,大多何家英老师作品被收录在国内外著 名大博物馆收藏,流入民间的更是寥 几。近些年来,在拍卖市场上,何家英老师的作品越来越成为重中之重的拍品。现在最新成交的是一幅消夏图镜心,大小仅仅36×52cm, 2018年春季拍卖会,由荣宝斋拍卖公司 成交:人民币 276万人民币。何家英老师的画作在中国画拍卖市场中是相当高价的作品,2000年他的《桑露》在法国卖出价是1365.5万港币,是当时第二高价卖出的中国画。震撼全场。

In her more than 40 years of creative career since the late 1970s, teacher he jiaying has collected works such as: "Mountain" "insects", "sour grapes" MiZhi PoYi of "valley" "words" and other well-known Chinese and foreign works. Handed down but the works is not much, according to the current market, most He Guying teacher works was collected at home and abroad, the name big museum, folk is the ratio of inflow ratio without a few. In recent years, in the auction market, He Guying teacher's work is more and more become the most important items. Now is a picture of the latest transaction summer figure mirror heart, size 36 x 52 cm, only spring auction 2018, by auction company a: rongbaozhai, clinch a deal: In 2000, his painting "mulberry dew" sold for 13.655,000 Hong Kong dollars in France, which was the second highest price ever paid for a Chinese painting.




此藏品现交于公司嘉合天下(北京)国际拍卖有限公司市场部专员运作推广。欢迎各位莅临本公司赏析及协商,广大收藏家可以通过各大媒体以及欢迎 到公司了解详情,如需意向购买,提前办理好相关手续过来公司协商。

The collection is now handed over to the company jia he world (Beijing) international auction co., LTD. Marketing specialist operation promotion. Welcome to our company to appreciate and negotiate, the majority of collectors through the major media and welcome to the company to understand the details, if you want to purchase, in advance to deal with the relevant procedures to negotiate with the company.

一件藏品的成交离不开广告宣传!本公司以自成立以来,始终秉承“公开,公平,公正,诚实,守信”的服务原则, 做最实在的宣传,上最高端的平台,享受最好的服务。

The deal of a collect cannot leave advertisement propaganda! The company since its inception, always adhering to the "open, fair, fair, honest, trustworthy" service principle, do the most practical publicity, the highest end of the platform, enjoy the best service.


Special tips: (the above collection holders are: you entrust us to sell, welcome all circles of collectors to consult or bid 010-59000899,13601215514. All pictures are taken in kind. If you have any questions, please make an appointment to see the real thing.) jia he world (Beijing) international auction co., LTD



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